Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Ba Hum Bug
I don't celebrate Christmas, but when I lived in NY I always enjoyed the Christmas season. The lights and decorations, the smell of fresh pine, the cheerful songs, and the extra feeling of friendliness that was everywhere.

Now I live in Florida. The weather is lovely! It's gorgeous out. The skies are blue. We don't need coats - or even socks! It's great to be outside, but BA HUMBUG! The place is devoid of Spirit. I won't speak for the whole state, but down where I live - it's just not a pleasant time of the year. No feeling of holiday warmth.

The snowbirds are here making traffic horrible. The lights on the palm trees are pretty, but not piney. Stores are crowded and people leave there manners at home.

There seems to be a general lack of tolerance. The sense of community that I always felt this time of the year in NY has been replaced by a general sense of irritability. Everyone is rushing to the mall and the post office with no regard to who's toes are stepped on in line or who got cut off in traffic.

I don't care if you celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza or just New Years. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all feel good will towards human kind and peace on earth?


Blogger muse said...

I never felt that pre-holiday stress here in Israel. OK, just before Passover it can get a bit crazy with all the cleaning and shopping, but not this time of the year.

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