Monday, December 25, 2006
Tunisian Scarf

I just finished my first real project in Tunisian Crochet. Tunisian takes a bit longer for me to work, but I just love the look and I'm very pleased with this scarf. It's light-weight but it has a lot of stretch and it's warm.

This scarf will be donated to the Red Heart Project 2007. This is a charity run by the Orphan Foundation of America.

OFA students rarely receive mail and a Care Package sends much needed support and encouragement. Juggling independent living now that foster care has ended, working multiple jobs, and achieving academic success is challenging for these young people without parental support. Receiving a Care Package is especially meaningful and can ease the loneliness and anxiety OFA students often experience. The Care Package Program is part of OFA’s web of family-like support that helps to ensure graduation and the bright futures of these courageous students.

Anybody can get involved with this effort by donating a handmade or store purchased scarf, or donating cards, gift cards or postage stamps for these young adults.


Blogger wendyb532 said...

I finally found out the name of the yarn. It's Moda Dea's Sassy Stripes yarn. I saw it at my local Michael's store the other day and bought some to make a scarf as well. Your's came out beautifully. By the way, how did your new cat like Christmas? Mine likes to sleep under our tree and did try to climb it once but I stopped that fast!


Blogger Norma said...

The scarf is beautiful!

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