Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Happy New You, Worm!
New Years resolutions are great. We make them, we break them. So instead of a New Years resolution, I'm making a New You resolution. After spending the last few months seeing the chiropractor and feeling sooooo much better, I know that I need to make an investment in myself. 5 years ago I was thin and at my fittest. Now I'm at my fattest. It's not about my weight - it's about how I feel and how I feel about myself. I could feel better. I have a closet full of nice clothes that I can't even imagine fitting into. I either have to invest in a new and larger wardrobe, or I need to transform myself. I think that in the long run, working out will be a cheaper and smarter investment than buying lots of new clothes.

So.....despite my general laziness, my fear of hard physical labor, and my inherent thriftiness, I've signed up for 30 sessions with a personal trainer. 3 sessions a week of muscle melting torture. I start tomorrow night. I'm not naive. I don't expect instant results. I expect hard word and some pain. I expect to lose weight, but at a slow and steady rate. I expect to cuss and cry and complain. I also expect to get stronger, leaner and healthier.

So, I apologize in advance to all my family and friends who might be subjected to a grumpy worm during the next few months, but when the initial pain and torture is done, I think there will be a healthier, leaner, stronger and more empowered Worm in 2007.

I just hope all this exercise doesn't cut too deeply into my crochet time!!!


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