Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Marine Corps Kids

I am very excited to be involved in a new charity project called Marine Corps Kids. My friend Deb and I are creating this charity group to work in conjunction with the Marine Corps Family Foundation. This charity will collect hand-crafted items - baby hats and blankets, stuffed toys, hats, sweaters, afghans, accessories, etc, to distribute to the children of deployed marines. Many babies are born while their daddies are overseas. Many other children have to say goodbye to parents or older siblings who are deployed. They all deal with a lot of sacrifice and uncertainty, and they are, in my eyes, some of our tiniest heroes. Through Marine Corps Kids, we hope to be able to send these little heroes a little bit of love and let them know that their sacrifice is appreciated.

Deb’s son is a marine who has served three tours in Iraq. She started a blog called "Marine Corp Moms" where she and other Marine Corps family members could share their thoughts, pride, fear and support. It's been a wonderful and active blog. She has been very involved in the Marine Corps Family Foundation and spearheaded the Operation Santa project that sent holiday stockings to thousands of deployed marines during the holiday season.

Deb has done so much for Marines and for their families, and I am in awe of what she has accomplished. I am passionately involved with crafting for charity, and have been crocheting for various groups for the last few years. Deb and I are combining our know-how and our passion to create Marine Corps Kids.

There is a contest right now sponsored by the VA Mortgage Center for the top military blogs. The winner will receive a cash prize and some well deserved publicity. Deb has generously pledged to donate any winnings to get Marine Corps Kids off the ground. The money will pay for the postage to send our handcrafted items to kids throughout the country.

Please help by voting here for “Marine Corps Moms”. If you click on the blog and read through some of her many entries over the past few years, you will see just how much good Deb has done.

Your vote will be very much appreciated.


Blogger HazelEyed Marti said...

I voted! I'm going to share this information on some other Charity Yahoo Groups as well. Best of luck and I look forward to making something for this organization.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for MCM.com...a great web site for lots of reasons...it was especially helpful when my son deployed to Iraq. What are the guidelines for the croched blankets for Marine Corps Kids?

Blogger Wormie said...

thank you both for your comments!

Within the next week or so I will post more information about Marine Corps Kids. We are in the process of working out the final details so that we will be prepared to accept and distribute donations.

At this point, we are not being tight with guidelines. All donations should be appropriate for babies and young children. We would love to send new moms blankets, hats, booties and other items necessary for their little ones. Donations for older kids can included stuffed toys, blankets, pillows, tote bags etc.

All items should be child appropriate and non-political. Any colors will be accepted - baby colors, our logo colors, red/white/blue, and camo is great - anything chearful that a child might enjoy.

We do ask that you choose fibers and materials that are washable and easy to care for. Also for babies, we would like to stay away from wool and wool blends that may cause allergic reactions or sensitivites.

I will post more information about how and where to donate within the next week or so. Please check back here and/or at Marine Corp Moms for more information, and thank you for your support!

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