Sunday, January 07, 2007
Preemie Girl Set

I was working on squares for the for the EACares preemie blanket project, after making a bunch realized that I left out an entire row of the pattern. It's fine, but my squares are smaller than they should be - which means they won't work with everyone else's squares.

I decided to make a preemie blanket from them anyway - I can donate this one to another NICU, and then when the group completes all our squares, I'll have had practice in joining and edging them.

I loved the Angelcraft patterns that I used for the preemie caps and sweaters, and got permission from the designer to use the hat cuff pattern as a blanket border. I think that they make a nice and cheerful preemie set.

The caps and sweaters will go with the EACares group package to the twins in Texas, and we'll make similar polka dot blankets to go with them. I love the flower edging for the blankets, but think that perhaps using slip stitching for joining might be beter than the flat braid method.


Blogger Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Still turned out very cute though :)

Blogger JoanM said...

The cardi is so pretty, and I really love the blanket

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