Friday, January 05, 2007
There is a feeling that has been creeping up on me for a few weeks now. I feel like I'm sloppy.

I can see that my crochet skills have really improved over the last year, and I'm very proud of my progress and things that I've made, but I think I'm sloppy. I looked through images of my work, and I look at images of other people's projects, and I need to improve mine. Not the basics - the finishing. I don't like the way my ends don't look neat. I weave them in as I go, and I wrap the ends through my stitches, but they don't look professional.

And joining squares - Oy!
I like the flat braid method - love it in fact. I love the way it looks, but I want mine to be more perfect - more even - not pulled. I want my ends to be woven in without fuzzies sticking out or joining showing.

I'm not sure how to achieve this. A bit more time - a bit more patience. Maybe I need to explore more joining options. I think I need to leave longer tails and weave things in much further.

This is not a "woe is me, my work is icky" thread, but honestly, I can do better. I think I need to block my work and really pay attention to the finishing.

I love the little preemie sweaters that I just finished, but the fronts don't line up perfectly straight. I'm really not sure if that is me, my tension, or just a need for blocking.

My comment section is open for anyone with advice or helpful hints.


Blogger Sara said...

1st of all: Your work looks great. I think every crafter feels critical of their work. Things that are glaringly obvious to us aren't even noticeable to others.

I feel the same way about my work. Blocking does do a world of wonders.

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