Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Flapper Cap

After making several Tiffany Caps in extremely unfortunate color combinations, I became frustrated trying to write up that pattern. Instead I made a more simple version that I thought I would be able to write up more easily.

I ended up making this cap a bit on the long side (and given the freezing temps outside, I really like that it totally covers my ears and forehead!!!). The result was that it has a sort of 1920's flapper feel to it.

The pattern is detailed below. It's not difficult to make, but I wasn't sure how to best explain the last few rows in the instructions. As a result, they might not be as clear as they should be. If any of you would like to test this pattern for me and let me know if the directions are understandable, I would appreciate it! I can modify the pattern instructions if I get some input from those of you who are brave enough to try!

Thank you!!!!

Flapper Cap

You'll need 2 colors worsted weight yarn (I used Bernat Simply Soft in Raspberry and Black)

H hook

Note: Chain 3 at beginning of each round counts as first DC

To start: Using contrast color Chain 4 – join w/ slip stitch to form ring.

Round 1 – chain 3, 11 dc in ring (12 dc) join w/ slip stitch, switching to main color.

Note – as you switch back and forth between colors, you want to carry the unused yarn around each round. Hold the unused yarn over the stitch in the previous row and carry it until needed. As the hat grows, the unused color will peak through the stitches giving the color more texture. The weight of the unused yarn will also make the hat thicker and warmer.

Round 2 – with main color chain 3 (first DC),.With contrast color FPDC in next stitch, switch back to main color and DC in same stitch . Continue around doing a FPDC around each stitch with the contrast color, and a DC (increase) with the main color. Join w/ slip stitch using main color.

Continue increasing each round through round 6. In each of these rounds use the contrast color to create a FPDC around each FPDC in the previous round. With the main color, you will increase by doing one DC in the same stitch as the FPDC and a DC in all other stitches.

Round 3 – (12 FPDC in contrast color, 24 DC in main color) - 2 DC between each FPDC

Round 4 (12 FPDC in contrast color, 36 DC in main color) – 3 DC between each FPDC

Round 5 (12 FPDC in contrast color, 48 DC in main color) – 4 DC between each FPDC

Round 6 (12 FPDC in contrast color, 60 DC in main color) – 5 DC between each FPDC

Round 7 – stop increasing. Do a contrast color FPDC in each FPDC from row 6. Do a DC in each DC from previous row. (12 FPDC in contrast color, 60 DC in main color) - 5 DC between each FPDC

Rounds 8-15 – repeat row 7

Round 16 - You should have finished round 15 by joining with your main color. Chain 3 to form your first DC. Now drop main color (do not carry it around – let it hang and you’ll pick it up in part 2 of this round). Working with contrast color, FPDC in FPDC in previous row. Chain 7 – FPDC around next FPDC. Continue around (12 FPDC and 12 7-chain loops) When you finish the last chain 7, go under the first loop, slip stitch behind the first FPDC and finish off. (cut the yarn and weave the tail in)

Continuing with Round 16 - working with main color- DC in every stitch from previous row (working behind the chain loops just formed). Be sure to DC in every DC and in every FPDC. (72 dc)

Round 17 – chain 3. DC in each stitch around. Join w/ slip stitch and finish off. (72 DC)

Round 18 – working with contrast color – attach yarn w/ slip stitch near back seam of hat. Referring back to

Round 16 – identify the stitch in the middle of the first chain-7 loop (the center of the 5 DC between each FPDC). HDC up to the middle of the first loop – then catching the 7-chain Loop in your stitch, FPDC in the around the stitch in the middle of the loop. You will be pulling the 7-chain loop downwards, and anchoring it to the body of the hat. Continue around HDC in each stitch and FPDC in the center of each section.. Join with slip stitch. Chain 1.

Round 19 – SC around, join w/ slip stitch and finish off. Weave in the tail.

Good luck!


Blogger Sandy said...

Thats one wild hat are soooooooooo creative.

Hey...can you point me to your cotton big pattern? I thought I had it, but now can't find it. errrrr


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