Friday, January 09, 2009
Preemie Set

I got word today that a tiny preemie was just born at Camp Lejeune. I don't have any preemie sized pieces to send for Marine Corps Kids, so I decided to make a quick set.

Using my Edgerydoo and my Abra Kadabra Jacket design, I make this little jacket and crocheted a matching hat. The jacket isn't tiny, but I scaled it down to fit a newborn. It's 12" across (sleeve to sleeve) and 8" from shoulder to hem. Probably too big for him right now, but he should fit into it soon.

I followed the basic pattern that I posted earlier, added a crocheted collar and sewed on a button and loop.

This is a really fast a simple way to make charity patterns.

This one will be in the mail this weekend.


Blogger Sandy said...

What a cute and clever way to do something quickly.

Nice blue too. Mom will love it I know.

Well done.

Blogger Treasure Ann said...

OHhhhhhhhhhhh, that is so cute. Very precious. Beautiful job.

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