Sunday, December 09, 2012
What I've been up to
Well, the eye has not been great and is slowing me down a bit, but I've still be knitting, crocheting and weaving. 

Still working on my nephew's prayer shawl, but haven't made a tremendous amount of progress on the loom.

I'm still knitting the shawl, but with my eye issue, it is really very hard to see the stitches, so I've made almost no progress.

I did remake the little crochet post stitch vest, and this time I completed the hood.  It's ok, but I'm not thrilled with how it came out, so I haven't gotten around to sewing on the buttons yet.  I need to do that because it needs to be finished while it is still close enough to wear!!!

I did finally finish my ruffle scarf.  Last year I made a ton of novelty scarves for holiday gifts.  I started one for myself, but the weather got warm and I never finished it.  I decided I needed to, and I got it done this week.  I LOVE it and have been wearing it every chance I get!


I have no idea why suddenly blogger insists on showing my photos sideways.  It's very annoying - but with this scarf it doesn't really matter.

Today I crocheted a hat for my niece, Cheyenne.  She has been posting all sorts of cute crocheted hats on pinterest, so I decided to make her one for the holidays.  This is similar to something that she posted.  I hope she likes it.  

Sideways again!

Anyway, Chey is a beautiful young girl, and I think this will be really cute on her.

And, I'm still working on another knit beaded scarf - a project I really enjoy!