Sunday, March 22, 2009
Simple Slip Stitch Edging

My last project inspired me to try to do a fabric edging in a similar technique. This is the result. I really like the way it looks. The yellow stripe was created at the end by slip stitching through the green pattern. It's very fast and simple to do.

Simple Slip-stitch edging

By Wormie

You can use any yarn of choice in 2 colors

I used Caron Simply Soft Brights in lime green and yellow

A 2.5 mm hook and a larger hook recommended for the yarn – I used a G hook.

Cut and pierce your fabric using the Edgerydoo.

Round 1 – Long SC in any hole, chain 2. Continue this pattern around the edge doing 1 long sc in each hole and 2 chains in between. Join with a slip stitch. Chain 1

Round 2 – switch to the larger hook. SC in each sc and in each chain 2 space from round 1. Work around the edge, join with a slip stitch.

Round 3 – Chain 3 (counts as hdc-ch), skip the next stitch. HDC in next stitch, chain 1 – skip the next stitch. Continue this pattern around. Join w/ slip stitch. Chain 1

Round 4 – SC in each sc and in each chain 1 space from round 3. Work around edge, join with slip stitch. Chain 1.

Round 5 – Working in Back Loop Only, sc around edge of the fabric. Join w/ slip stitch and finish off yarn.

Now – using the contrast color, you will slip stitch through the chain 1 spaces created in round 3. Hold the yarn behind your work and pull up a loop though any chain-1 space in round 3. Do 2 slip stitches in that space and move onto the next. Working from the front of the fabric and pulling up the yarn from the back, do two slip-stitches in every chain 1 space around the edging. Join and fasten off on the back side of your work.

This will create a pretty chain in a contrast color around your border.

This is an original pattern. Feel free to enjoy it for personal or charity use. Do not post this pattern elsewhere, but feel free to link to it here. If you like this pattern, please consider donating a finished piece to Marine Corps Kids.

Thank you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Woo Hoo

I tried something new, and I love it!

This is another crochet-weave project. This time I did it differently than in my last project. Instead of actually weaving, I slip stitched through the blanket to create a textured plaid.

I didn't realized how much this technique would shrink the basic "canvas", but I ended with a small carriage cover that I really like.

The camera never captures purples, but this is a pretty lilac with a buttery gold and white yarn.

This will be donated to Marine Corps Kids.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
That's more like it
Knit cap #2. This one looks a bit odd in the photo, but is actually okay enough to donate to Marine Corps Kids.

For this I actually followed a pattern, creating a ribbed band by alternating knit and pearl, and then alternating by row to the crown.

The closure at the top wasn't as clean as I would like, so I added a little crochet flower to the top.

My knitting is loose and sort of sloppy, but I did it!

Now I can get back to crocheting. It's much faster for me to crochet, and my work is a lot nicer. Of course, practice makes perfect, and maybe some day I'll be able to knit more neatly.

Sunday, March 01, 2009
3 Degrees of Wrong

Earlier in the week I posted about my very first knitting project.

This is my second. It's a baby cap. It started out as a scarf, but a friend showed me how to reduce and the thought of making another LONG scarf was horrifying (and how many scarves do I need?)

This little cap cute in a pathetic sort of way. It's not "wrong", but it's a bit sloppy, the stitches are a bit loosed, the top is lopsided where I messed up the reduction stitches - it's just... 3 degrees of wrong.

It is, however, the first time I did purl stitch. My first attempt at anything shaped, and it does capture the basic size and shape of a baby cap. In my mind that's a big Right that outweighs the wrong.

I might get this knitting stuff figured out after all!!!