Sunday, June 20, 2010
My next project

My friend Sarah will become a Bat Mitzvah in August, and asked me to weave her tallis (prayer shawl). I'm thrilled to make this for her! We went shopping at In A Yarn Basket, and Sarah selected some gorgeous silk yarn for her tallis.

The warp is Louisa Harding Mulberry Yarn in Midnight which is a gorgeous shade of royal blue. The weft is Mango Moon Recycled Silk in multi jewel tones.

I think that these two yarns are going to work beautifully together! I also love that the Mango Moon Yarn is a socially responsible product:

Mango Moon supports the NGO Organization N-WEG to help women who have been rescued from abusive situations. The women who come to the shelter are able to use their spinning and knitting skills to rebuild their lives, while continuing to care for their children. Proceeds provide a safe shelter, health care, education and the dignity of financial independence.
I just finished warping the loom, and have woven just a few passes of the weft. I think the shawl is going to be very pretty, and I hope Sarah will be happy with it!

Sarah's Tallis

Digital Woven Scarf

I finally finished a project that has been on my loom for over 2 months!!! This skinny scarf was woven with Crystal Palace Yarns Puffin in Dotty Blues. It's a very simple project that I should have finished in a few days, but between my foot surgery and then starting a new job, this project was neglected. Today I finished it, and I like the way it looks. It has a pixelated digital feel to it that reminds me of a Tetris game.

I also love the yarn. It's not a traditional twisted fiber, but thin strands of polyester fleece that are very soft and warm.

I'm not ready to start my next weaving project which will be a prayer shawl for my friend Sarah. She selected some gorgeous silk yarns for this project, and I'm excited to work with them!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Back in the saddle
I haven't blogged much lately because I haven't done much crafting. I'm still working slowly on the hexagon baby blanket, but haven't completed anything on the loom. I did edge about ten baby blankets for Marine Corps Kids, but didn't photograph them before sending them off.

My friend Sarah asked me to weave a prayer shawl for her, and we went to buy the yarn today. She selected some beautiful Mango Moon Recycled Silk for the weft and a beautiful royal blue silk for the warp. The yarn is so beautiful - I can't wait to start weaving!!! I'm off to finish the little scarf that I have on the loom so I can start working with the silk!