Thursday, August 18, 2011
Yaar's Blanket

After my last mis-shaped attempt at a blanket, I tried to make one for Yaar. The size is still a bit off, but this one is workable. I lost almost an inch in the width so the blanket seems a bit long, but since it will wrap around the baby sideways, I think it's ok.

I bought a new brighter pink and will use the same weft to make another blanket for Sunit, Yaar's sister. Hopefully, I'll have a good matching set soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011
The thrill and the agony of crafting

My cousin and his wife recently had twins, so I decided to weave blankets for the babies. I found a gorgeous baby color cotton/rayon blend to use for the weft, and decided to use a pink warp for the girl and a blue warp for the boy.

I just finished the girl's blanket. I love the yarn. I love the way the colors blended. The weave looks beautiful! I totally messed up on the size though. It's too narrow and long for a baby blanket, and too short for a shawl. I'm sad.

Hopefully I have enough yarn to start over and make two small blankets - or should be wall the carriage covers? Wish me luck!!!

Yummy Yarn!!!

Look what I bought today at In a Yarn Basket!!!

This gorgeous yarn is Rick Rack by Interlacements. It is a hand-dyed rayon made right here in America. This color combo is called Oceans, and it is a lovely mix of shades of blue and green.

1200 yards for $37. $37 seems expensive, but this is 1200 yards!! That's under $0.04 per yard!!! The wound skein in the photo is 7 inches across by 4 inches tall. This is a LOT of yarn! It looks like a blue birthday cake!

I think this yarn will be perfect to weave for my nephews tallis (prayer shawl). I don't need it for 2 years, but nothing wrong with being a bit early. I have several other projects cued up to weave, so I won't get to this immediately, but I'll post pics when I start working with it. I think its going to be awesome!