Sunday, January 30, 2011
My attempts to make Stuffy Bear the 2nd, are not going well. I'm using a very fluffy plush yarn, and it's impossible to see the stitches. I'm crocheting blindly, so even though I'm counting my stitches, they're way off. My first attempt ended up with a large "bulge" in it. Let's just say that the resulting shape of the bear is inappropriate for a child's toy!

I started again, but my stitch count just got messed up. Because you can't see the stitches and the bear is crocheted in the round, it's almost impossible to frog it and start back in the middle.

I think I'm going to have to call this attempt a failure. Looks like I need to shop for some other yarn to make a cute not-x-rated bear with.

Sunday, January 09, 2011
Remember me?
It seems like forever since I've written on this blog. That's probably because it seems like forever since I've crafted. My new job has me working some looooong hours, and during the holiday season those hours increased, so there wasn't much time for crochet, for weaving, for blogging, or for doing much besides work, eating and sleeping!

I'm hoping to change that now, and would like to rekindle my passion for crochet and weaving.

I do have good news. My niece is expecting her second child! That means that the hexagon blanket that I recently made will soon have it's baby! She plans to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, so when she does, I'll add an edging of pink or blue and then it will be done. It's fun to have a new baby to craft for. I bought some yarn and hope to make a teddy bear for the baby. I just printed out the pattern that I used to make Olivia's (the big sister) teddy bear, and I'm going to try to make another for the new baby. I forgot how complicated that pattern was, so I hope I don't get frustrated!!! Wish me luck.

In any case, I do want to get back into my crafting. It used to bring me so much satisfaction! I'd like to make more things for the expected baby and for my great-nieces Olivia, Ava and Emmie. Hopefully the craft bug will infect me again!