Friday, September 30, 2011
Wiggles Blanket

Just finished this Wiggles baby blanket and I love the technique! It's fun to do and has such a cute finished look! I used Deb Y's pattern.

I'm looking forward to trying other variations of the wiggle stitch. There is so much that can be done with pattern and color - it should be fun to experiment with!

I really like the way the top of the blanket is so rich and textured, but the bottom side is smooth and won't irritate baby's skin.

This blanket will be donated to Marine Corps Kids.

Saturday, September 03, 2011
The perfect crochet caddy

If you're a crocheter, you, like me, are probably always searching for the perfect container for all your project needs. I have my crochet bag, but hooks and scissors get lost in there. I have hook rolls, but my scissors don't fit in them.

I recently found the perfect caddy to hold my hooks, craft scissors, pen and stitch markers - and I found it in my recycling bin!

If you drink Crystal Light, the plastic box that they sell the drink mix in is just perfect. With the top snapped on, it keeps all my crochet paraphernalia in one neat container in my crochet bag.

Love it when yesterdays trash becomes today's solution!

For the twins.

My cousin and his wife recently had twins! I haven't met my new baby cousins yet, but I've seen photos, and they are adorable!

I made each of them a woven blanket with matching crocheted cap and booties. For the blanket, I used a wonderful variegated cotton that I bought at The Textillery for the weft, and a bright solid pink and blue respectively for the warp. I love the way the colors mixed.

The hats and booties are crocheted with the warp yarn and trimmed with the weft yarn. I think the sets came out cute. I hope the babies like them!!!

The hat uses my Bordering on Adorable pattern. The booties used this adorable pattern. For some reason, I struggled a bit with the booties, but it's worth it because I think the design is really cute!!!